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12 Things to do in Jakarta to spend your leisure time

12 Things to do in Jakarta to spend your leisure time

Mostly foreigners who come to Jakarta are for business activities and work visits,


Transit several days before visiting Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok and other regions in Indonesia.

Indeed, Jakarta is a busy metropolis and is not the main destination for holiday,

So the question is :

“ is there any interesting to do in Jakarta during leisure time?  “

“ is it worth to spend a few days when we transit in Jakarta? ”

The answer is “ Absolutely, Jakarta has so many interesting places to visit !! 


there is a hidden paradise in Jakarta that is rarely known,

especially for those who first came to Jakarta.

Luckily those of you who read this article before visiting Jakarta, or maybe are currently in Jakarta and are looking for references or ideas to spend your leisure time.

So, let’s start :

  1. Explore Historical Places

    Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, Why is Jakarta? Why not Bali ??

    the reason is,

    because the great history of Indonesia mostly happen in Jakarta,

    See the picture below :



    If you think this is Amsterdam in the night, then you are totally wrong,

    This photo is a Highlight of historical places in Jakarta known as Oldtown Batavia.

    Formerly this area became the center of the Dutch government when colonizing Indonesia for 350 years.

    Dutch buildings in this area still stand until today.

    there are still many historical places in Jakarta, such as :

    The Landmark of Jakarta known as the National Monument (MONAS)

    This monument is not only become a landmark,

    there are many interesting stories and philosophies on this monument.

    Are you interested in exploring the historical places in Jakarta?

    This article may help you: Top 7 Historical Places in Jakarta

    You can join this private tour: Explore Historical places in Jakarta

  2. Visit Miniature of Indonesia Park

    Indonesia is a very broad country,

    There are more than 17.000 islands and divided into 34 provinces.

    In total there are more than 300 ethnic groups with unique culture and traditions in each ethnic group.

    It takes about more than 3 Years to visit each province and its cultural uniqueness.

    But, Jakarta is Special city,

    because there is a place to explore all of the Indonesian cultures in One Day !!

    That place is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Miniature of Indonesia Park)

    You can visit the tribe’s pavilion from each province in Indonesia.

    You will see traditional houses with original size,

    meet the local people, buy traditional goods and souvenirs from the local bazaar,

    and watch cultural arts performances (Most held on weekends).

    There are many museums and other interesting places that you can visit inside the park.

    Are you interested in exploring a Miniature of Indonesia park?

    You can join this private tour: Explore Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park

  3. Visit Thousand Islands

    Finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for,

    tell you about my favorite part of this article, why?

    I said earlier that there is a hidden paradise in Jakarta,

    Well, this is the place, known as Thousand islands,


    An archipelago located in Jakarta with 300 small islands.

    My favorite island is Sepa resort island,

    a tropical island with a perfect climate to do Sunbathing on a stretch of white sand with views of clear blue sea water.

    My favorite activity on this island is Scuba Diving or Snorkeling and Ride the Jet Sky.

    There are several resort islands that are perfect for spending your leisure time,

    but for me, this is the best place to spend your leisure time in Jakarta.

    For those of you who don’t have enough leisure time to visit Bali,

    this place can be an alternative for you.

    For more information about this thousand island, you can read this article.

  4. Explore Great Monument in Jakarta.

    Usually, every Big City around the world has a great monument,

    Even become a landmark of the city itself,

    Such as:

    Such as:

    • Eiffel Tower in Paris,
    • Statue of Liberty in New York
    • Big Ben in London
    • Sydney Opera House in Sydney
    • And many more (you can find in Google)


    Well, Jakarta also has a great monument,

    the monument is the National Monument known as MONAS.

    MONAS is one of the great monuments in Jakarta,

    around MONAS you can find more than 5 statues.

    The most interesting is the Arjuna Wiwaha statue,

    This monument is a scene of the classic story “ Mahabharata “.

    Other great monuments that you can visit in Jakarta :

    • Welcome Statue
    • Freedom Papua Monument
    • Dirgantara Statue
    • Proclamation Monument
    • Hero Statue

    Each monument has a history, philosophy, and meaning, very interesting to know,

    Because of that, when you visit each monument,

    I suggest inviting the local guide to explain the history and meaning of each monument.

  5. Visit Religious Places and Feel the Harmony

    Indonesia is a country with the most Muslim population in the world,

    The total population in Indonesia is 256 million and 87% are Muslims


    Indonesia is a democratic country, not an Islamic State.

    Every citizen has the freedom to embrace religion and live peacefully in Indonesia.

    This is very interesting and inspiring.

    There are several places that prove this harmony,

    First is the Istiqlal Mosque as the largest mosque in Southeast Asia located opposite with Catholic Cathedral.


    In addition to seeing a harmonious religious life, you will be amazed by the combination of magnificent mosque buildings and beautiful cathedral churches.

    Another place that you can visit is Petak Sembilan Temple,

    Buddhist temple located in central China town,

    The temple building is divided into 2 parts.

    The front side of the building is the temple and the back side is the Catholic church.

    People live peacefully and respect each other’s differences.

    This is something that is needed all over the world, right?

  6. Get Lost in Shopping Center

    For me, this list is an alternative choice,

    Because honestly, I’m not a person who likes shopping.

    But for those of you who have an interest in fashion and shopping,

    Jakarta has particular items that you can grab.

    Of Course, it’s not Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Victoria’s Secret.

    But, traditional paint cloth is known as Batik.

    2 points that make this cloth special:

    • First is an interesting pattern and motif
    • Second is the batik making process.

    You can visit famous batik outlets such as Danar Hadi, Keris Batik or Batik Semar in Jakarta.

    These outlets have a collection of batik with various motifs and the best quality.

    If you are interested in antique items,

    try visiting the antique market on Surabaya street.

    Various antique items can be found here,

    But you have to be careful,

    Because not all items sold are genuine, many are an imitation.


    Jakarta has many choices of places, from high class to budget shopping. You can find various goods (Cloth, bag, shirt, handicraft souvenir, etc)

    For more information, you can read this article: The Best Shopping Area in Jakarta.

  7. Enjoy The Nightlife

    Jakarta never sleeps, just like other metropolitan cities,

    for those of you who have free time only at night,

    This can be an alternative,

    Because nightlife in Jakarta is currently growing very rapidly.

    Many choices of night clubs with various choices of atmosphere,

    Such as :

    • Dragonfly
    • Immigrant
    • Jenja
    • Fable
    • Empirica
    • And many more.

    My favorite is Dragonfly.

    The majority of party goers here are

    Expatriates, business executives, Jakarta socialites even celebrities from Indonesia.


    Some international DJs who have come to Dragonfly like

    Dubfire, Ingrosso, Steve Angello, and David Guetta.

    But, nightlife in Jakarta is not just partying at nightclubs,

    For those of you who don’t like crowds,

    Try visiting the Sky Lounge to relax at night.

    Enjoy a relaxing dinner with a view of the city of Jakarta at night.

    Or you can also do culinary tours on Sabang Street,

    You will find street food stalls along this road,

    Don’t worry, so many choices to spend the night in Jakarta.

  8. Try to Eat and Drink Indonesian Food

    Wherever you go, food is always one of the best things you should try.

    If you are currently in Jakarta, try to eat authentic Indonesian food like Rendang beef which is the most delicious food in the world in 2017 CNN version.

    Actually, Rendang (beef) comes from West Sumatra,

    but this food is very popular in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

    typical cuisine from Jakarta is Soto Betawi,

    it’s not inferior to Rendang, because it uses beef as its main ingredient.

    Soto Betawi is a type of soup with coconut milk and vegetables in it.

    Another famous Indonesian food is fried rice, meatballs, satay, Kerak Telor, and Martabak.

    Indonesia also has typical traditional drinks and dessert such as :

    • Bajigur
    • Es Cendol
    • Sekoteng
    • Bir Pletok (Traditional Beer)

    These drinks are delicious and healthy because it’s made from natural ingredients and spices.

  9. Experience The Unique Restaurant in Jakarta

    It is very easy to find restaurants in Jakarta,

    especially those that serve Indonesian food.

    But try to see the restaurant picture below :

    very interesting isn’t it?

    That is Tugu Kunstkring Paleis restaurant.

    Have an interesting concept, which serves to dine with the concept of an art gallery with vintage style colonialism and combined with the typical Javanese tribal royal interior.

    This restaurant provides Indonesian and western food.

    You can have dinner with your business partner or colleague at this restaurant.

    Or you can also visit Café Batavia in the Old Town of Batavia,

    This restaurant has a classic European-style design.

    This Restaurant is very elegant with a Dutch colonial atmosphere and there are interiors, paintings, figurines, and classic displays as well as classic European music that continues to be played in this restaurant.

    This Restaurant is the perfect place to stop and rest after you explore the old town of Batavia.

  10. Discover Hidden Places of Jakarta

    Jakarta is the center of business and finance in Indonesia,

    There are many office buildings, luxury hotels, and large shopping centers.

    In fact, there are still ‘Hidden Places’ in Jakarta,

    an area where people live in poverty.

    You can join Hidden Tour activities in Jakarta.

    This is an unusual Tour, but it has extraordinary meaning.

    Direct interaction will certainly increase your gratitude, humanity and social sensitivity.

    Explore some areas to see the lives of local people who live in slums, narrow and dirty villages.


    You can interact directly with local people in these villages and feel poverty and life concerns.

    Especially for children who are very excited and happy about your visit.

    Don’t forget to bring sweets, cookies or chocolate that you can give to children in this place.

    People in this place are very enthusiastic and friendly to foreigners who visit.

    Are you interested in exploring Hidden Places in Jakarta?

    You can join Jakarta Hidden tour on TripAdvisor.

  11. Take a day trip to Bogor

    The scenery in Jakarta is mostly buildings and towers.

    As a busy metropolitan city, this is normal.


    I’m sure some of you feel bored with the scenery and atmosphere of a metropolitan city,

    and really want to enjoy the natural and soothing scenery.


    There is some city around Jakarta that has marvelous nature and good tourist attraction. The first city I recommend for you is Bogor city.

    Bogor isn’t too far away, normally its take 1-hour drive from Jakarta (can be more if it’s jammed).

    The famous tourist attractions are Safari Park to see various fauna that can only be found in Indonesia, such as

    • Komodo Dragon
    • Cendrawasih Bird
    • Orang Utan.
    • Anoa
    • And many more,

    Safari Park is located in the middle of tropical rain forests,

    Do safari explore with a small car to the jungle and see animals live freely in the natural habitat,

    you can interact and feed the animals directly.

    There is another famous tourist attraction,

    Namely the Botanical Garden and become the largest in Indonesia.

    In the middle of the botanical garden, there is a beautiful presidential palace.

    Maybe, when you visit, the president waved to you.

    Are you interested in exploring Bogor City?

    This article may help you: Day Trip Explore Bogor 

  12. Take a day trip to Bandung

    The next city I recommend is Bandung city,

    Before continuing, there is one question,

    Have you ever visited an active volcano and seen a crater?

    If you haven’t, it means you must visit Tangkuban Parahu Volcano in Bandung.


    you can see the crater closely,

    even you can smell sulfur and see a puff of smoke from the crater.

    No need hiking, because going to the crater can use a small car.

    Before returning to Jakarta, do not miss to relax and soaking in a hot spring whose water comes from the crater of Tangkuban Parahu Volcano,

    Seriously Bandung is really cool and perfect to spend your leisure time.

    Actually, Bandung is quite far, about 3 hour’s drive from Jakarta,


    On the way to the volcano, you will pass through a village, paddy field and vast expanse of tea plantation.

    I advised you to stay in Bandung one night so your trip is more relaxed.

    But if your schedule is too busy, One Day Tour is enough.

    Are you interested in exploring Bandung city?

    This article may help you: Day Trip Explore Bandung

So that’s activities that you can do to spend your leisure time in Jakarta.

If you have a plan to visit Jakarta might for a business trip or transit before going to Bali, Yogyakarta or anywhere in Indonesia you should not miss exploring Jakarta.

Let us help you to plan your visit or you can see our list of Jakarta city tour below.

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