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Top 7 Historical Places in Jakarta

Historical places of Jakarta City

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, Why is Jakarta? Why not Bali ??

The reason is,

great history of Indonesia mostly happen in Jakarta,

In Addition,  Jakarta was also the center of the Dutch government when it colonized Indonesia for more than 350 years.

In this article I will recommend some historical places that you can visit in Jakarta.

Let’s Start :

1. National Monument

This is the landmark of the Jakarta,

A monument with a height of 134 meters.

Design at the top of the monument looks flame,

which became a symbol of the spirit of the Indonesian people against colonialism.

Interestingly, this monument has many meanings and philosophies in its construction.

Inside the monument, there is a diorama that tells the journey of Indonesia history from prehistoric times to becoming an independent country.

You can go up to the top of the Monument and see the beauty of the Jakarta city.

usually, the queue is very long.

Therefore, you should come early to this monument.

2. National Museum

The national museum is located in the same area as National Monument, at Merdeka Square.

This museum was built in 1774 by the Dutch government.

Houses a collection of over 160,000 objects consisted of artifacts,  prehistoric collection, archaeology, Numismatic and heraldic, ceramic, ethnography, history, and geography.

The highlight of the museum there is the gold, jewelry and treasure room where are found precious crowns, ornaments, keris and jewelry once worn by royalty around the archipelago.

3. Istiqlal mosque and Cathedral Church

Unity and harmony in Indonesia have existed since long ago, especially to gain independence.

Now, In Jakarta stands a splendid mosque as the largest in South East Asia,

in front of the mosque standing beautiful Catholic Cathedral with neogothic architecture from Europe.

Mr. Soekarno chose the site on purpose, to symbolize the nation’s philosophy of unity in diversity and religious tolerance which Indonesian characterizes.

Even though Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world,

Every citizen has the freedom to embrace religion and live peacefully in Indonesia.

4. Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Sunda Kelapa Harbor is the center of trade on the Java Island a long time ago.

This harbor is a very strategic port and there are many trading from all corners of the world,

so there are many battles to become the ruler of this port.

In the end, the Dutch succeed to control this Port for 300 years.

This port became the core port for collecting spices from all over Indonesia before being sent to Europe.

Currently, this port is still operating for domestic shipping with Pinisi (Traditional Wooden boat) lined up neatly on the port.

5. Old Town Batavia

This area highlights the historical places in Jakarta.

Formerly this area was the center of Dutch colonial government,

Dutch buildings in this area still stand until today,

Currently, several buildings have turned into museums.

There is a canal with a building background with Dutch architecture like in Amsterdam.

Therefore, this area is known as little Amsterdam.

You can also see red drawbridge which is located not far from the canal.

6. Fatahillah Museum

Formerly this building was the Dutch governor’s office.

Inside the museum, you will find various types of relics from the Dutch colonial era such as paintings, conference tables, wardrobes, file cabinets, weapons, and war equipment.

There is a dark and narrow underground prison.

You will find large stone balls inside the prison that are used to lock up the prisoners.

Indonesian fighters and warriors are captured in this prison.

7. Café Batavia

Formerly this building was the VOC administration building.

Café Batavia was opened in 1993 and before becoming a restaurant this building was an Art Gallery.

This restaurant has a classic European-style design that is elegant with a Dutch colonial atmosphere and there are interiors, paintings, figurines, and classic displays as well as classic European music.

Café Batavia is the perfect place to stop and rest after you explore the old town Batavia.

Besides that, you can have lunch at this restaurant because Café Batavia provides Indonesian food and western food.

Well, that is some historical places that you can visit in Jakarta.

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