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7 Reasons Why You Should Explore Java before Going to Bali

7 Reasons Why You Should Explore Java before Going to Bali

Almost all tourists from all over the world who come to Indonesia choose Bali as a place that must be visited.

The reason is Bali is so popular with its natural beauty.

Even though the conditions are different now, it can be said that Bali is too crowded now.

Whereas the beauty of Indonesia is not only in Bali, so many islands that have a beauty that is not inferior to Bali.

One of the islands that must be visited is Java Island that has everything.

In fact, there are several activities and places that you can only find on the island of Java such as the wealth of art and culture, beaches, islands, history, nature, volcanoes, adventurous activity, and the best sunrise spots in Indonesia located in Java Island.

If you are still hesitant to travel in Java, then here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Explore Java before Going to Bali.

So, let’s start :

  1. Surrounded by Beautiful Beaches & Islands

    If you have an interest in relaxing on a tropical island with white sand beaches and blue sea water,

    then you should come to Java Island than to Bali. Why?

    Java Island is surrounded by beautiful islands without crowds,

    even in Jakarta, there is a private resort island that limits the number of visitors every day,

    on this island, you can also scuba diving, snorkeling, sunbathing or swimming in clear blue sea water.

    If you are interested in the beach,

    then try visiting Gunung Kidul around Central Java.

    There are more than 10 beaches that you can choose after passing the welcome gate.

    I recommend you visit the Indrayanti beach, there are cliffs around the beach.

    You can climb up the cliff to see the beauty of the sunset against the background of the Indian Ocean.

    How about Surfing?

    At least, there are more than 3 surf spots on the island of Java.

    The most popular among world surfers is Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi (East Java).

    International surfers usually dub this beach with “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder”.

  2. Home for many Active Volcanoes

    In fact, not all countries have volcanoes,

    In Java, there are more than 45 active volcanoes,

    The most famous and most active volcano is Krakatau which is in the Sunda Strait.

    In West Java, about 3 hours driving from Jakarta, there is Tangkuban Parahu volcano.

    The crater can be accessed using a small car,

    You can see the crater closely and you will see a puff of smoke coming out of the crater and smell strong sulfur.

    In East Java, there are 2 highlights,

    the first is Mount Bromo as a spot to see the best sunrise in Indonesia.

    The second highlight is Ijen Crater with rare natural phenomena of blue fire around the crater (there are only two places in the world).

  3. Stunning natural beauty

    A beautiful expanse of tea gardens is one of the natural beauty that can be found in Java, but not in Bali.

    In East Java, there are also apple plantations with the best apple quality in Indonesia.

    You can try eating by picking fresh apples directly from the tree.

    Have you ever tried cave tubing?

    Explore the cave by riding a swim tube through an underground river in the cave.

    If you have never been and are interested in trying it,

    then you can go to Goa Pindul in Yogyakarta.

    Not far from the Pindul cave there is a Jomblang cave,

    which is famous for the phenomenon of ‘light from heaven’.

  4. The best place to buy batik

    Some of you might know what batik is,

    a special cloth from Indonesia, especially Java.

    Each city has its own characteristics and types of Batik.

    Regions that have good type and quality are Central Java and Yogyakarta.

    You can also visit batik house and see the process of making batik,

    you can even learn how to make batik with experts.

    Don’t forget to buy the best quality batik in batik houses.

  5. Visit the largest and most beautiful temple in the world

    Do you know Borobudur Temple?

    The largest Buddhist temple in the world which is one of the seven wonders in the world.

    This Buddhist temple is located in Semarang, Central Java.

    This temple is unique in that it is built not using cement or adhesives,

    but every stone from this temple has the shape of an interlocking puzzle.

    Not far from Borobudur there is also the most beautiful Hindu Temple Complex in the world,

    Prambanan Temple.

    In this area, so many beautiful temples that you can explore.

    There are still more than 10 beautiful temples that you can visit in Java.

  6. Island with amazing heritages and diverse cultures

    Not only the temple,

    but there are also still many Heritages that you can find in Java.

    In West Java, there is a distinctive musical instrument from bamboo, called Angklung.

    In Bandung,

    you can watch the angklung music performance and cultural show in Saung Angklung Udjo.

    You will feel amazed to hear the beautiful angklung music.

    In Yogyakarta, there is a palace which until now is still used as the residence of the king in Yogyakarta.

    You can visit this Palace to see various collections and ancient objects from the royal heritage.

  7. A paradise for adventure activities

    Are you interested in adventure and challenging activities? Then Java is a perfect choice.

    One of the adventure activities you can do is rafting,

    a favorite spot for rafting is in the Citarik river Sukabumi – west java,

    or you can try anti-mainstream activities such as Body Rafting at GreenCanyon – Pangandaran

    Explore along the river with narrow lanes without using rubber boats.

    Besides being challenging, you can enjoy stunning natural phenomena on the green canyon.

    Other options, you can try the Jeep Lava Tour on Mount Merapi,

    explore the remains of a mountain eruption in 2010.

    Ride a jeep through steep roads, rocky roads, crossing rivers and crossing the edge of a cliff.

As I said, Java Island has everything, you just have to choose according to your interests.

Well, spending 1 week to exploring Java Island is a good choice.

Exploring Indonesia will be a great experience as long as you know how this country works and looks like.

Hope this simple guide will help you to travel in Indonesia. Have a great holiday!

Let us help you to plan your visit or you can see our list of Indonesia tour below.

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