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15 ‘hidden paradise’ islands that you must visit in Indonesia

15 ‘hidden paradise’ islands that you must visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world, with a total of more than 17,000 islands.

There are many ‘hidden paradise’ in Indonesia, definitely not Bali Island!! Yes, we know Bali is very famous in the world,


I am sure you have never heard of Pulau Weh, a small island in the western part of Indonesia, or

Pulo Cinta Island as the Indonesians Maldives.

This list will be divided into 3 parts according to the Indonesian territory.

So, let’s start :

West Indonesia

  1. Weh Island

    Weh Island is a small island in the westernmost part of Indonesia.

    Many local tourists and foreign tourists don’t know about the beauty of Weh island,

    even though the island of Weh has a stunning sea view.

    There is an eco-friendly resort that provides a room that juts into the sea with stunning ocean views.

    Activities that you must to do here are snorkeling or diving,

    you should not miss the beauty of the underwater scenery of Weh Island.

    Don’t forget to visit the 0 kilometer Indonesian Monument in the middle of the island.

    As we said, this island is the westernmost part of Indonesia.

  2. Nias Island

    Another paradise for surfers, the Nias island in North Sumatra.

    Nias Island also has a very exotic beach with white sand and blue sea water.

    International surfers may already know this place because this island is often referred to as Hawaii in Indonesia.

    Nias Island is located right facing the Indian Ocean, therefore, the island has big waves and many surfers who want to conquer the waves.

    If you visit Nias, don’t forget to interact with a local community that has a unique Culture & Tradition.

  3. Bawah Island

    Bawah Island, a hidden island that has not been widely known to many people has now begun to be visited.

    This island is an executive island Resorts and is a vacation destination for ‘executives’ from various parts of the world.

    Do you know why?

    Because to get to this island only have to use seaplanes or rent a private speedboat.

    Island visitors are restricted and only 70 people every day.

    You can snorkel and dive, but not allowed to fishing because this area is protected marine conservation.

    You can also trek to the forest to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

    If you want to visit this island, you should make a reservation before, I hope you still get a place.

  4. Mentawai Islands

    The Mentawai Islands is a paradise for surfers,

    has a total of 400 surf spots and 23 of them are international standards.

    There are several islands in the Mentawai Islands,

    One of that is Siberut Island which has a national park which was inaugurated by UNESCO with 18 species of endangered species that can only be found on Siberut Island.

    This island is also famous for coffee which has a strong and distinctive taste.

    There are several resorts that offer cottages on the beach.

  5. Sepa Island

    Most tourists didn’t know the existence of Sepa Island and missed the opportunity to visit while in Jakarta.

    It is a resort island that supported by the beautiful landscape environment,

    for facilities of the luxuries traditional style cottages,

    the blue sea water that is very clear, white sandy beach.

    Activities you can do such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Ride Jet Sky, Sunbathing & Swimming.

    The perfect place to spend your leisure time in Jakarta

    Central Indonesia

  6. Nusa Penida Island

    I’m sure you know Bali, this island is very famous in the world,

    but do you know there are small islands around Bali that have extraordinary charm and beauty,

    namely Nusa Penida Island.

    This island has many beautiful spots, especially for those of you who are photographers,

    The most famous spot is Kelingking beach which has a view of a small island that juts into the ocean.

    trust me, you will regret not visiting this island when visiting Bali.

  7. Gili Trawangan Island

    The island is located in Lombok, an area not far from Bali,

    but for the beauty of the island and its beaches not inferior to Bali,

    especially on Gili Trawangan, an island with a million beauties.

    The main activity on this island is snorkeling and Scuba Diving,

    Near Gili Trawangan there are also Gili Meno and Gili Air, you can do island hopping to these islands.

    At least, you need more than a day stays in Gili Trawangan,

    because there are many amazing spots on this island to be explored.


  8. Derawan Islands

    Another ‘Hidden Paradise’ in Indonesia is the Derawan archipelago located in the Borneo Island.

    This island is recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO.

    Being one of the best diving spots in Indonesia,

    when the weather is sunny the visibility under the sea can reach 20 meters because the water is very clear.

    The soft and clean white sand is ready to sunbathe all day.

    There is a water villa on this island,

    which offers villas above the sea, so you can see turtles and fish swimming around your villa.

    Well, it’s reasonable if Prince William from the United Kingdom had visited this island.

  9. Komodo Island

    This island is the native habitat of Komodo Dragon,

    the largest lizard in the world that only exists in Indonesia

    Most tourists visit this island just to see the life of the Komodo dragon,

    whereas there are amazing islands that cannot be missed, namely Padar Island and Rinca Island.

    You can climb the hill on Padar Island to enjoy the beauty of the blue sea panorama and the surrounding islands.

    if you have a plan to visit Indonesia,

    you should visit and explore the Komodo island which holds a wealth of stunning natural beauty.

  10. Gili Petelu

    Gili Petelu is located in East Lombok close to Pink Beach.

    The island is perfect for those of you who don’t like the crowds,

    because Gili Petelu island is not as famous as Gili Trawangan Island.

    But, you will not be disappointed to come to this island.

    “Everything is Blue” is the right word to describe this island because of the sky, seawater and also the fish that live mostly in blue color.

    Gili Petelu has clear sea water and calm waves so it is perfect for snorkeling lovers to go and enjoy the underwater beauty.

    East Indonesia

  11. Pulo Cinta Island

    This island is located in the northern part of Sulawesi,

    Pulo Cinta Island is referred to as ‘Maldives Indonesia’.

    This island has 15 cottages that are above the sea like in the Maldives,

    which has very exotic and has a romantic atmosphere,

    perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a honeymoon.

    You can immediately swim into the ocean from your room’s terrace,

    and soak up the sun on the terrace with fresh coconut.

  12. Raja Ampat islands

    Raja Ampat located in Papua,

    become the best archipelago in Indonesia that has been recognized by tourists who have visited this island.

    Raja Ampat has an amazing underwater natural beauty and becomes one of the best dive spots in the world.

    It takes time and effort to get to Raja Ampat,

    but, there are positive things behind the location that is difficult to visit,

    nature is still beautiful and well maintained and suitable for those of you who need quietness.

    This Archipelago has divided into several islands and each island has its own beauty.

  13. Seram Island

    Seram Island located in Maluku,

    Fun fact is Seram Island in English means spooky island

    but, this island is awesome and marvelous.

    Ora Beach is the highlight of this island which has natural beauty and beautiful beach.

    There are resorts that stand on the beach,

    with very clear water, making you feel comfortable to stay on Ora Beach.

    Because the water is clear you can ride a canoe to get around and see coral reefs from the canoe.

  14. Kei Islands

    The Kei Islands are located in Southeast Maluku,

    the Islands have several small islands with their respective beauty,

    the first is Rowa Island with Bair beach.

    The area around this beach is the original habitat of Black-Pit sharks.

    There is also Hawang Cave,

    Hawang cave has a very clear blue, so the stones in the bottom are clearly visible.

    This pool is directly connected to the Evu spring,

    the largest source that passes through underground river canals.

  15. Dodola Island

    Another hidden paradise in the Maluku region is Big Dodola Island and Small Dodola Island.

    When sea water is receding there will be a natural bridge made of sand dunes that connect the two islands.

    Feel the sensation of crossing the ocean on a sand bridge with a view of the clean sea water around it.

    This island is a favorite location for diving activities,

    it’s not only because of the beauty of the underwater world,

    but on the seabed, you will see planes and ships that wrecked former World War II which are home to various types of fish.

    This island is rarely visited by tourists so the island is still clean and very beautiful.

That is a list of islands which are hidden paradise in Indonesia.

Actually, there are still many beautiful islands in Indonesia.

Well, start to make a plan to visit Indonesia now, because exploring Indonesia is endless.

Hopefully, it can help you in planning your vacation activities in Indonesia.

If you have a plan to visit Indonesia,

Let us help you to plan your visit or you can see our list of Indonesia tour below.

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