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10 Reasons why you should visit Indonesia immediately

10 Reasons why you should visit Indonesia immediately

Why visit Indonesia?

The first reason is Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world.

Trust me, you will find various interesting and fascinating things in Indonesia.

At least we have 10 reasons that will make you want to come to Indonesia immediately.

So, let’s start :

  1. Located on the Equator

    Indonesia is located on the equator, makes this country has a beautiful and amazing nature.

    Tropical Rain Forests cover most of Indonesia’s land,

    become the second largest in the world after the Amazon Forest in Brazil.

    Indonesia has two seasons, Dry and Rainy season, and the climate is perfect for your vacation.

    The dry season generally starts in May ends on October, the temperature is around 28 ° -34 ° C during the day and 21 ° -25 ° C at night.

    The rainy season starts in November ends on April, the temperature is relatively cooler, around 24 ° -28 ° C during the day and 23 ° -26 ° C at night.

  2. Flora and fauna that you can only meet in Indonesia

    This Country has broad forests,

    some animals that you can find only in Indonesia, the most famous Animal is Komodo Dragon.

    This animal is the largest species of lizard in the world and is recognized as the last type of ‘dinosaur’ on Earth.

    Another animal is Orang Utan, one of the smartest primate species that live in the tropical forests of Kalimantan and Sumatra.

    Do you know?

    The biggest flower in the world also exists in Indonesia, namely Rafflesia Arnoldi,

    You can find it in the area of the Sumatran forest and another famous flower is the Carrion Flower or ‘Bunga Bangkai’ which has a very strong smell

  3. Located in Ring of Fire (Magma Line)

    Indonesia has more than 127 active volcanoes.

    Do you know about Krakatoa Volcano?

    On 1883 the most deadly eruption occurred.,

    After the eruption, Mount Krakatau’s son appeared and is still active today.,

    This mountain is in the Sunda Strait and in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

    Many tour programs you can do to explore volcanoes in Indonesia,

    such as Visiting Tangkuban Parahu Mountain in West Java,

    Here are 10 volcano tour recommendations that you can do in Indonesia: 10 Incredible volcanoes that you can visit in Indonesia

  4. The largest archipelagic country in the world

    Do you have an interest in beautiful islands with amazing beaches?

    Well, Indonesia is the best choice for you, trust me, you can enjoy your vacation here.

    Indonesia becomes the country with the longest coastline in the World.

    For Surfer this country is paradise,

    many surfers come to Indonesia to beat the waves, sunbathe on white sand beaches with warm and sunny weather and local friendly people.

    There are several resort islands that you can visit,

    Such as Thousand Island near Jakarta,

    Private resorts island with white sand and very clear water.

    In Borneo, there is also Derawan island,

    you can find resorts that have water villas which are the room above the sea, and you can sunbathe on the terrace of your room to enjoy the view of the blue sea.

    Here’s a list of islands that must be visited in Indonesia: 15 ‘hidden paradise’ islands that you must visit in Indonesia

  5. A paradise for Scuba divers

    Are you Scuba Divers?

    Indonesia must be familiar to you because Indonesia is a paradise for Diving addicts.

    1,500 dive spots in Indonesia with typical underwater views.

    Even according to one of the diving sites in the World,

    Raja Ampat (East Indonesia) is admitted to be the best diving spot in the World.

    The beauty and diversity of underwater creatures in Indonesia must be explored.

    Here’s the list of best diving spots in Indonesia: 11 Amazing diving Sites in Indonesia

  6. Ethnic and cultural diversity

    Do you know?

    Indonesia has 1,340 ethnic groups with the characteristics of each community life and culture.

    Every year various traditional ceremonies and regional art performances are held in each city.

    The best places for those of you who are interested in the culture and life of the local community.

    If you interest with traditional and unique crafts and art,

    don’t forget to collect handicrafts and art from ethnic groups in Indonesia,

    such as Batik fabrics, Woven Fabrics, Paintings and carvings from every region in Indonesia.

  7. A Paradise for Food and Culinary lovers

    Indonesian cuisine also has the diversity and uniqueness of each Region and Province.

    Various dishes, mostly made from natural products and ingredients.

    One of the famous Indonesian dishes is Rendang Beef and become the most delicious food in the world.

    There are also fried rice, satay, papeda, and various other types of food.

    For more information about Indonesian cuisine,

    here are 10 Indonesian cuisines that you must try: Top 10 Indonesian Food that you must try

    Besides that, not only Indonesian cuisine you have to try.

    Indonesia also has tropical fruit which you must try,

    such as mangosteen, snake fruit, rambutan, and durian.

  8. A country with kindest and friendliest people

    Indonesian people are known as one of the friendly people in the world,

    especially if you are in Yogyakarta and Bali.

    The local people are very ‘welcome’ to tourists, especially foreign tourists,

    The local people are very ‘welcome’ to tourists, especially foreign tourists,

    and don’t be surprised when you are walking in the street,

    a lot of local people will give you a warm smile.

    Smiling is a culture of Indonesian people to respect others.

    so you don’t worry if you get lost in Indonesia.

  9. There is the largest Buddhist temple in the world

    Do you know Borobudur Temple?

    The largest Buddhist temple in the world which is one of the seven wonders in the world.

    very interesting isn’t it?

    This Buddhist temple is located in Semarang, Central Java.

    This temple is unique in that it is built not using cement or adhesives,

    but every stone from this temple has the shape of an interlocking puzzle.

    Not far from Borobudur there is also the most beautiful Hindu Temple Complex in the world,

    Prambanan Temple.

    In this area, there are many beautiful temples that you can explore

    So? What are you waiting for? let’s plan your vacation soon to Indonesia.

  10. Various hotels with extraordinary concepts and natural scenery

    We know that one of the things you want when you are on vacation is,

    get a comfortable place to stay and can spoil your eyes with the beauty of nature.

    Well, In Indonesia there are several resorts that have anti-mainstream concepts,

    and have incredible views that will amaze you.

    such as lodging in the middle of the forest,

    or resorts that have water villas which are the room above the sea like in the Maldives.

    Here is a list of  hotels and resorts with extraordinary views in Indonesia: 13 Most Amazing Hotels In Indonesia

So that’s 10 reasons why you should visit Indonesia immediately,

Exploring Indonesia will be a great experience as long as you know how this country works and looks like.

Hope this simple guide will help you to travel in Indonesia. Have a great holiday!

If you have a plan to visit Indonesia,

Let us help you to plan your visit or you can see our list of Indonesia tour below.

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