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10 Incredible volcanoes that you can visit in Indonesia

10 Incredible volcanoes that you can visit in Indonesia

There are 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia because Indonesia is in the magma line or known as the ring of fire.

For professional climbers or beginner climbers, Indonesia offers many locations with various climbing tracks to explore.

If you are not a climber and want to enjoy active volcanic tourism too,

don’t worry,

because there are several volcanoes that you can explore without climbing and you can also see the crater from a very closely.

On this list, there are top 10 volcanoes that you can visit in Indonesia

So, let’s start :

  1. Mount Kerinci

    Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia.

    This mountain is one of the seven summits of Indonesia,

    which has a quite extreme climbing track and challenging,

    perfect for those of you who love hiking adventures.

    All your efforts are paid when you are at the peak of Indrapura,

    you will be amazed by the views of the city of Jambi and Padang.

    View of Kayu Aro tea garden as the second largest garden in the World and lush forest of Kerinci Seblat National Park.

  2. Krakatoa

    This mountain is located in the middle of the Sunda Strait,

    You must use a boat to visit this mountain.

    Krakatoa erupted tremendously in 1883 and destroyed the entire mountain body.

    In 1928, a small island appeared in the former Krakatau area

    apparently, it was the child of Mount Krakatao.

    Child of Krakatoa continuously grows 8-9 meters every year.

    Currently, this mountain is still active and become the most active mountain in Indonesia.

  3. Tangkuban Perahu

    This mountain is located in Lembang – West Java,

    about 3 hour’s drive from Jakarta.

    To reach this crater no need to climb,

    we just use a small car to get to the crater.

    Actually, there are 3 craters,

    the main crater is Kawah Ratu as the largest crater also,

    you can see this crater still emits smoke and emits a very strong smell of sulfur.

    During the trip to this mountain,

    you will be spoiled by a very wide view of the tea garden.

    Don’t forget to enjoy and relax in the hot spring located not far from the mountain.

  4. Merapi

    This mountain is located not far from Borobudur Temple,

    You can join Merapi lava tour by a jeep to explore the location of the last eruption in 2010.

    Explore the scenery of Mount Merapi, bunker, alien rock and many interesting places about this volcano.

    The Jeep will also pass through the desert, rivers, villages and cross steep roads with large rocks around the road.

    In the morning, you will see Merapi clearly.

  5. Bromo

    This mountain is in East Java. Being one of the most visited volcanoes on Java.

    This mountain is very famous for its very very extraordinary sunrise scenery.

    To get to the sunrise point, you can ride the Jeep, past the broad sea of sand.

    Another interesting thing is the local tribe, namely the Tengger tribe.

    Tengger people are very friendly and welcome to tourist.

    For the Tengger people, Mount Bromo is a sacred mountain.

  6. Semeru

    This mountain is in East Java, located not far from Mount Bromo.

    This mountain is the highest mountain in Java, and become a favorite choice for Indonesian climbers.

    On the mountain, there is beautiful Ranu Kumbolo Lake,

    the climbers usually refill drinking water supplies from this lake.

    At the top of Semeru,

    the cloud stretches as far as the eye can see and makes you feel like you’re on the ground above the clouds.

    The scene becomes even more extraordinary when the orange horizon line is created from sunlight that slowly emerges from behind the clouds.

    Believe me, you will not be able to forget the experience of climbing Mount Semeru.

  7. Ijen

    Another mountain in East Java, namely Mount Ijen.

    Do you know?

    That the blue flame phenomenon of the volcano is only 2 in the World,

    First One in Iceland, and the other in Ijen Crater.

    Seriously you will be very amazed to see the beauty of the blue fire in Ijen crater.

    There is a large crater with blue water that has very high acid,

    Ijen crater is the largest acidic crater in the world !!

    Well. Mount Ijen is very special. So, when will you visit here ??

  8. Agung & Batur

    Mount Agung is the highest mountain on the island of Bali.

    the beauty of Bali is not just the beach and its culture,

    but Bali has an Active Volcano that cannot be missed.

    There are 2 mountains in Bali, first is Mount Agung.

    The Balinese people believe this mountain is a holy place and becomes the palace of God.

    near Mount Agung, there is Mount Batur.

    Local people believe Mount Agung is the ‘Mother’ of Mount Batur.

    Mount Batur is suitable for you beginner climbers.

    This mountain is famous for its sunrise scenery.

  9. Rinjani

    Rinjani is located in Lombok,

    the island which is very famous for its beautiful beaches and Gili islands.

    It can be said that Rinjani is a ‘hidden paradise’

    If you have a plan to visit Lombok, you should also add a plan to climb this mountain.

    For you beginner climbers,

    Don’t worry,

    you can hire a professional climber guide who is already familiar with this mountain climbing track.

    Believe me when you are at the top of Rinjani,

    you will agree that this mountain is a hidden paradise in Lombok.

  10. Kelimutu

    Mount Kelimutu is located in East Nusa Tenggara,

    the most interesting thing about this mountain is when you are at the top, Absolutely not sunrise,

    You will see the amazing natural phenomenon of the lake with 3 different colors,

    This mountain has a climbing track that is quite extreme and steep,

    for you beginner climber,

    you can invite tracking guides if you want to see the charm of the lake 3 colors.

That is our list of 10 best mountain & volcanoes you can visit in Indonesia,

Actually, there are still many volcanoes in western Indonesia that can be explored such as Mount Sinabung, Gunung Dieng, Gunung Gede, etc.

Hopefully, it can help you in planning your vacation activities in Indonesia.

If you have a plan to visit Indonesia,

Let us help you to plan your visit or you can see our list of Indonesia tour below.

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