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Explore all of the Indonesian cultures in one day

Explore all of the Indonesian cultures in one day.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with totally more than 17.000 islands. Indonesian territory is divided into 34 provinces, each province has various ethnic groups, a total of ethnic groups in Indonesia is more than 1000 ethnic groups with a different language, culture, and way of life.  

If you are interested in seeing the uniqueness of each ethnic group in Indonesia, then you need more than 3 years !! Yes, a very long time, but don’t worry, you can see the uniqueness of each ethnic group in just One Day and in one area, that is the Miniature of Indonesia park located in Jakarta.  Let’s find out what’s interesting to do and we can see in this park :

  1. Explore Indonesia Tribes

    In this garden, you can see the uniqueness of the ethnic groups from every province in Indonesia. Every province area has traditional houses with original size and inside are exhibits of traditional clothes, historic objects, art equipment, and traditional objects. You can also meet and interact with indigenous peoples from every province. The iconic traditional house is Minang house from West Sumatra, it has traditional building structure but looks magnificent, besides that don’t miss to stop at the traditional house of Asmat tribe from Papua that has a simple and very unique form.

  2. Culture Exhibition & Festival

    In each province areas not only displays traditional houses, but there are also used to hold traditional events. Such as food and culinary exhibition, traditional art performance, bazaar and culture festival. Events like this exist at certain times, especially during weekends. You can buy a variety of handmade accessories or traditional stuff in bazaar or culture events.

  3. Visit Museum Indonesia

    The Museum of Indonesia has a very luxurious form of Balinese-style building. This museum display about culture and way of life peoples from each province in Indonesia. This museum is divided into 3 floors: On the First floor displays the cultural diversity of each tribe in Indonesia in accordance with the Indonesian nation’s motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” or “Unity in Diversity”. On the Second floor displays social and environmental life in Indonesia such as traditional ceremonies, traditional transportation, and various traditional hunting and farming tools. On the Third floor displays arts and crafts from each province, such as keris (traditional dagger), woven fabric and batik fabric pattern. The highlight on the 3rd floor is a tree of life it’s a copper with 8 meters high and 4 meters in diameter.

  4. Ride Cable car

    One thing you should not miss is enjoying the view of the entire large park and the magnificent traditional house from the top with the cable car. Besides that, you will pass the lake in the middle of the park and you will be amazed because in the middle of the lake there are small islands that form a map of Indonesia.

  5. Visit the house of Worship

    In Indonesia there is not only cultural diversity, but Indonesia also has diversity in religion, but there are also 6 legal religions in Indonesia, that is Moslem, Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Confusion. In this park, you can find houses of worship from every religion. The house of worship here is not only to be exhibited but is used for worship and religious activities. This proves tolerance and respectfulness in Indonesia are very strong.

  6. Keong Mas Theater

    Keong Mas Theater is an icon of this park, it has a golden snail-like shape. This theater has modern and sophisticated cinematographic technology with an IMAX projector. During the screening of the movie make you will feel in the film and become the main character. The movies provided is an educational film about Indonesia, the earth and the universe. For foreign tourists don’t worry because there are movies with English subtitles.

  7. Explore various Museums

    In this park, there are also various interesting museums to visit such as the Hakka museum (Chinese museum). This Museum displays the journey of the Chinese community in Indonesia. The Komodo Museum which displays various types of reptiles, and also Komodo dragon one of the types of dinosaurs from Indonesia. The Bird Museum has more than hundreds of birds from all over Indonesia.

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