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Best 10 things to do in Jakarta. Don’t miss it !!

Best 10 Things To Do in Jakarta, Don’t Miss It !!

Is this your first time visiting in Jakarta? Do you have any idea what best things to do in Jakarta?

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia which has many various luxury places to be visited but the fact, mostly foreigners come to Jakarta is not only for vacation or leisure but also for business trip or corporate functions. In addition,  many tourists treat Jakarta as an entry and exit point to Indonesia.

So the question is : “ is there any interesting what to do in Jakarta?  “ or “ is it worth to spend a few days when we transit in Jakarta? ” or even “is there any idea what the best things to do in Jakarta for an unforgettable holiday moment?

The answer is absolutely Yes !! Why??

Jakarta is great place to learn more about Indonesia’s complicated history, variety of culture, unique heritage of Indonesia which are interacted with local people friendly and had endless choices for good taste of local food and many more.

If you want to stay in Jakarta for a week or more, Do not waste your time ! you have to use your special time for the best things to do. I advice  you to spend a few days to explore a lot of interesting places that you only can find in Jakarta.

Jakarta is crowded and busy city because it is the center city which is all construction activities are done there. However it is not boring place anymore because if you get there, you will be amazed to the many best things in this city which is ought to explore. Here are our lists of best things to do in Jakarta to help you out :

  1. Explore Historical Places and Museums

    As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta City has a lot of interesting history to know. If you are confused  about what to do in Jakarta at first time, you could try to visit historical places in Jakarta. There are many historical places that prove that Indonesia’s great history took place in Jakarta. One of the Highlight of historical places in Jakarta is Oldtown Batavia. Dutch buildings in this area still stand until today and you will feel like you are in Amsterdam. In addition there are various museums that show the journey of the Indonesian people from ancient times to the struggle of the Indonesian people to gain independence. What do you think? Are you interested?

  2. Experience The Unique Restaurant in Jakarta

    Wherever you go, food is always one of the best things you should try. If you are in Jakarta, don’t forget to visit and try to eat at a unique restaurant in Jakarta, one of them is the Batavia café which has the atmosphere and style of classic European interior with old European music. Café Batavia provides Indonesian and western food, and there is also the Tugu Kunstkring Paleis restaurant which serves dining with the concept of an art gallery with vintage style colonialism and combined with the typical Javanese tribal royal interiorFor more information, you can read this article : Top 5 restaurants that offer unforgettable fine dining experience in Jakarta.

  3. Get Lost in Shopping Center

    What to do next? Yup, spend a day with shopping! Shopping has been always a fun things to do. For those of you shopping enthusiasts, Jakarta has many choices of places, from high class to budget shopping. The biggest and most famous shopping center in Jakarta is Grand Indonesia. Then for highclass malls you can visit Plaza Indonesia and it’s located opposite Grand Indonesia and if you are interested in budget shopping, you can visit ITC Mangga Dua or Thamrin City, you can find various types of batik clothing, handicraft and souvenir. My advice, choose a place to stay that is close to the shopping area, or even become a part of the shopping area. For more information, you can read this article : The Best Shopping Area in Jakarta.

  4. Discover Hidden Places of Jakarta

    Still confused for what to do in Jakarta and want to try something new? You can follow hidden tour activities in Jakarta. Explore some areas where you can see the lives of local people who live in slums, narrow and dirty villages. You can interact directly with local people in these villages and feel poverty and life concerns. With direct interaction this will certainly increase your gratitude, humanity and social sensitivity. Right isn’t it? People in this place are very enthusiastic and friendly to foreigners who visit.

  5. Try to Eat and Drink Indonesian Food

    If you are currently in Jakarta, don’t miss the opportunity to try authentic Indonesian food like Rendang which is the most delicious food in the world in 2017 CNN version. Another famous Indonesian food is fried rice, meatballs and satay. Indonesia also has typical traditional drinks like Bajigur, Es Cendol, Sekoteng and Bir Pletok. These traditional drinks are made from natural ingredients and spices. These drinks is delicious and healthy. For more information, you can read this article: Top 5 Indonesian Food you must try in Jakarta

  6. Enjoy The Nightlife

    As a metropolitan city, of course nightlife in Jakarta is now very rapidly developing. There is so many choices to spend the night in Jakarta. A quite famous place is the Kemang area, there are many clubs, bars, cafes and lounges. There you can meet and party with friendly local men and women. For nightlife recommendations in Jakarta.

  7. Have Fun at Jakarta Water Park

    One of the best things to do in Jakarta is splashing around water park. You can have fun with your family or business partner all day at the water park. Try to ride the world class water slides and many activities that will take a whole a new experience. One of the interesting places is Lippo Cikarang Waterboom. This water boom has a considerably greener and lush surrounding with trees and plants around the pools.

  8. Interact with Local People on Car Free Day at Sunday

    Every Sunday, Sudirman & Thamrin Street as the main road in Jakarta is closed for vehicles and specifically for the people of Jakarta to exercise, jog, and gather for healthy community. Start at 6 am until 11 am. There you can also interact with the Jakarta people who are very friendly and friendly. Enjoy the Car Free Day and see things around you.

  9. Take a Day Trip to Safari Park in Bogor

    There are many places around Jakarta that have good tourist attraction and one of them is Bogor. The famous tourist attractions is Safari Park to see various fauna that can only be found in Indonesia, like Komodo, Cendrawasih Bird and Orang Utan. The interesting thing is Safari Park is located in the middle of tropical rain forests and animals in this place live freely as in the original nature, you can interact directly and feed the animals you meet on the road, in Bogor is also famous for the Bogor Botanical Gardens as the largest and oldest botanical gardens.

  10. Take a day trip to Volcano in Bandung

    Not only Bogor but also also Bandung, in this place you can visit Vulcano which is still active, you can see the crater closely, smell sulfur and see a puff of smoke from the crater of Tangkuban Parahu Vulcano. On the way to volcano, you will pass through a vast expanse of tea gardens, you can also visit the tea factory and taste the green tea products there. Before returning to Jakarta, do not miss to relax and soaking in a hot spring whose water comes from the crater of Tangkuban Parahu Vulcano, after that try to explore Cihampelas jeans market as the center of denim products from Bandung.

If you have a plan to visit Jakarta might for business trip or transit before go to Bali, Yogyakarta or anywhere in Indonesia you should not miss to explore Jakarta. In addition, you must visit the amazing thousand islands in Jakarta to enjoy the view and beach.

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